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Tired of watching your writing ambitions dissolve like soap bubbles in a washing up bowl? A writing group could provide the routine, structure and support you need. Set aside a regular time to focus on the projects that matter to you, in the company of friendly, like-minded souls and an expert tutor, and you'll be amazed at the progress you can make.

The @ffoicecoaching writing group is open to everyone from absolute beginners to professional writers and published authors. Work on your blog, write a pitch or proposal, draft an article, plan social media, journal – any writing you want to do during the session is fine. No one's going to ask you to read it out loud, but you're very welcome to toss ideas around with the gang should you need input.  

Zoom is where we meet, at 2pm London time, Monday to Friday, during school terms. We say hello then write in silence for around 45 minutes. Feel free to leave after that, or hang around for a chat and another writing sprint finishing at 4pm. 

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Let's Grow Together

Success in writing isn't about talent. There's no magic beans. All you have to do is take small, consistent steps forward.

Make a regular appointment to sit down and do the work alongside people who are looking forward to seeing you. Before you know it, the writing career you always dreamed of will start to blossom.

"Jenni is a great but subtle motivator.  Since joining the writing group I have created my own blog, written a series of paid articles for a website and been invited to give a talk to researchers."



   What to Expect

B O O K  C H A T

Get the latest trends, industry sales figures, and learn who's hot and who's not in food, health and drinks.


We have much-o discussion of the fine art of recipe writing and study the best exponents of it.


Don't know what to write about? Choose one of our daily-changing prompts.

S O C I A L  M E D I A

It's everybody's work in progress. Find out what's working for your new pals in the group.

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Most of us are food writers in some way but that's not a condition of entry. We welcome everyone from poets and art critics to medical professionals. There's no obligation to turn up every day (some people only come once a week!) but fair warning: once you see the rapid progress you're making, you'll probably want to attend more often. 

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